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    In the Diplomat-verse, Pinkie is the high priestess and head of the Church of the Sun. In essence they believe that Celestia is also a literal personification of the sun, an avatar and direct link to the life-giving star in the sky. Thus it is important to pay your dues to the empress, lest the sky fall dark. Consequently, the church is very rich.
    Pinkie herself is a very jovial character, and she always makes sure to have an open ear for everyone. In fact, too open maybe. She makes sure to hold grand galas and parties in celebration of Celestia ever so often, and it transpires that gossip runs wild on these occasions. There’s plenty of food and drink, and if the attendees were a little less polite, they might speak of debauchery. In fact, rumors are constantly circulating that the high priestess herself is prone to more decadent and depraved “parties” in private, and strange nicknames such as “Pinkie Pie” are whispered behind closed doors. 
    Pinkie doesn’t care. She simply smiles and continues delivering words of praise, ritual sayings and sometimes plain gibberish, while holding most of the state’s secrets in her hands. The church is everyone’s friend - and no one’s.

    (via mlpfim-fanart)

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